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Mold Testing in Tacoma

Protect Your Property From Mold

With an expansive rain forest and extended rainy season, our marine west coast climate is frequently wet. Over two-thirds of our annual rainfall in the Pacific Northwest occurs from October to March. With a warm property and a bit of moisture, mold can grow incredibly quickly. Though some mold varieties are harmless, the varieties that tend to grow in your home or business can be serious health hazards. If you notice or suspect mold on your property, mold testing can identify it.

At AWR Restoration & Cleaning, we come fully prepared with the latest equipment for reliable mold testing in Tacoma. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, thorough training, and certifications from the industry-leading IICRC, mold can’t hide from our technicians.

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Why You Should Invest in Mold Testing

Mold is quietly invasive. It frequently grows out of sight. It can be under floorboards, behind ceiling tiles, and inside your walls. If you’ve visually located it, there is often much more you are unaware of.

A wash pail and some soap won’t do the trick. Without mold testing, it will grow, spread, and likely result in damage to your home and health. Our technicians are skilled at identifying and locating mold. We can locate it anywhere and stop it in its tracks.

When to Perform Mold Testing

You may want to perform mold testing if you experience:

  • Allergy symptoms – If your allergy symptoms seem worse in the property you believe has mold contamination than they do outside, mold testing is a good idea. Mold exposure symptoms include sinus congestion, sore throat, difficulty breathing, sneezing, and itchy eyes. Black mold is prevalent in the Northwest and produces dangerous mycotoxins. These can cause brain damage, blindness, and even death.
  • Visual signs of mold – When you can visually see mold, you already know you have a problem. Mold testing can determine how far the problem has spread. Molds grow in a variety of patterns and different species have unique physical appearances. Some are stringy, while others are flaky or look like stains. Colors are just as diverse. Our technicians can identify your mold type and provide effective remediation.
  • Water problems – If you’ve recently experienced a flood or suffer from problems like leaking, pooling water, or discoloration, water damage may be present. These high levels of condensation can help mold flourish and grow. Our technicians can help save you from a massive mold problem and repair current water damage.
  • Toxic mold signs – Black mold symptoms come in three stages. The first is often mistaken for allergies or a cold. Over time, these get significantly worse, resulting in trouble concentrating, dizziness, memory loss, and headaches. If you’ve experienced these, play it safe. Remove yourself from the offending environment and call AWR Restoration & Cleaning for mold testing.

Since you know what to look for, trust your senses and take action. Don’t risk permanent health effects due to mold-related illness. When you need reliable, effective mold testing and mold removal services in Tacoma, choose AWR Restoration & Cleaning.

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