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Bellevue Water Damage Restoration

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Ranked as USA Today’s second best city to live in (2014), Bellevue, Washington is a rapidly growing metropolis. However, Bellevue’s location in the Pacific Northwest makes it a hotspot for water damage. Restoring your home, business, or other property after water damage may seem like an impossible task. Because of its progressive nature, water damage adds up fast when it isn’t headed off as soon as possible. When all is said and done, you are left with an empty house or business. This isn’t an ending point, though: it’s a starting point. With our full-service team of Bellevue water damage restoration experts on your side, you can help get your property back to its pre-water damaged state in no time.

It’s important to contact AWR Restoration & Cleaning for emergency water extraction and water damage restoration in Bellevue as soon as possible. Call us at (206) 823-2252 or submit an online contact form to request a free, on-site estimate. 

Complete Water Damage Restoration You Can Count On

We offer a full range of top-of-the-line services to get your property back to its original state, including fire restoration and mold removal. This includes effectively handling issues that affect the aesthetics, integrity, and safety of your property.

Our Bellevue water damage restoration services include:

  • Structural Drying – One of the first steps in water damage restoration the initial drying of the structure. This includes the removal of any standing water, as well, whether it is a small puddle or a flooded basement. Structural drying is the foundation of water damage restoration, and we do this to ensure that you receive the lowest cost possible by salvaging any areas we can and decreasing the spread of invisible mold growth, as well as structural weakening.
  • Hardwood Floor Drying – Hardwood floors need to be completely dried as soon as possible after a flood in order to prevent warping or cupping. Using restoration vacuum panels, our team will extract water from your wood floors, assess the damage, and create a restoration plan. Depending on your flooring material and the extent of the water damage, we may be able to refinish your floor or spot-replace damaged flooring that cannot be restored.
  • Mold Testing and Remediation – Before we begin re-construction, we must test your house for mold and perform remediation as needed. Certain mold strains, like black mold, can cause major health problems and illnesses that can even result in death. It’s important for you, your family, your customers, and anyone else who visits your home or business that your property is mold free before re-construction begins. Our Bellevue water damage restoration professionals are trained and equipped to remove any mold in your home, eliminate the mold’s ability to spread, and perform repairs that leave no trace of mold behind.
  • Direct Insurance Billing – When you need water damage restoration, you are under enough stress as it is. That’s why AWR Restoration & Cleaning has worked hard to create strong relationships with insurance carriers. We’ll handle your insurance billing and negotiating so that you can focus on what matters most.

From start to finish, AWR Restoration & Cleaning has you covered. We’ll take care of all your Bellevue water damage restoration needs all while ensuring that you have the best experience possible. We make this our top priority, so you can expect fast response times, high-quality work, top-of-the-line equipment, and incredible customer service.

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Always Choose a Professional for Water & Sewage Extraction

One of the most devastating forms of water damage comes from sewer line breaks. Cleanup after a flood, especially when it involves hazardous sewer water, is never a DIY job. In situations like these, it is absolutely imperative that you immediately call a water damage restoration team.

Always hire a professional for water & sewage extraction because:

  • Water Damage is Progressive – Water damage is a bit like a pinball multiplier. You can only bat away that ball for so long until seven more spring up, and at that point, you can’t even keep track of the original let alone the new additions. The longer you wait to professionally deal with water damage, the greater the damage will be, and the faster that damage increases.
  • Sewage Water is Dangerous – Sewage water carries waste matter, toxins, and pathogens, and the younger you are, the greater the effect. If you value your health and that of your family and pets, you’ll call at the first sign of a sewage water leak. Professional sewage extraction is the safest way to remove this toxic hazard and ensure your safety now and in the future.
  • Electrical Hazards – Water loves electricity; it is conductive and will carry a shock right on into your body if you let it. Whether you’re dealing with clean water or black water, any water damage that requires water extraction can be considered major enough to pose an electrical hazard. The water could even be fine for a time, but as it rises it could reach an electrical socket. Don’t risk electrocution; if you do, you may need more than just water damage restoration experts.

24 hour emergency services are available. Call (206) 823-2252 today to find out how we can help you restore your home or business.

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