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Bellevue Fire Restoration

Providing Start-to-Finish Restoration Services

Fire damage doesn’t stop with flames. Though it is often a primary damage source, damage can quickly escalate if it isn’t dealt with immediately. Fire results in multiple types of damage, including smoke damage and water damage. It is important that you take swift action after a fire to restore your home or business to its original state. At AWR Restoration & Cleaning, we have experienced and knowledgeable fire restoration experts ready to serve you at a moment's notice. With 24 hour emergency services, we're always available to help you whenever you may need it.

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Smoke Damage Cleanup

The smell and staining associated with smoke damage are obvious, but the effects on your home and health can go much further. Homes are built with a variety of materials that each react differently once exposed to fire. Reactions during the fire may leave behind hazardous chemical byproducts. Soot deposits can be extremely damaging to your lungs and can cause many forms of cancer. Most of what we do here at AWR Restoration & Cleaning involves cleaning and disinfection to rid your property of dangerous contaminants that are left behind by fire.

Fire Damage & Water Damage Go Hand in Hand

Even though water is one of the best tools to fight fires, it can cause damage in the process. Fires can also lead to water damage in other ways. Pipes may burst during a fire, causing additional water damage to your property. Water may also damage seals and caulking around your water appliances, as well as electrical components. Walking through water puddles in a burned house can be a serious health hazard, as water picks up the dangerous chemical byproducts of the fire and concentrates them. Water-soaked floors, walls, and ceilings need to be dried out to avoid future mold growth and may need to be replaced if the damage is irreparable.

Why Choose AWR Restoration & Cleaning?

At AWR Restoration & Cleaning, we go above and beyond to help home and business owners throughout the Bellevue area in the aftermath of destructive fires.

When you choose our expert team, you get:

  • Quick and Efficient Service – Fire damage doesn’t wait. Our team of professionals knows this, which is why they respond quickly. With extensive training in the most recent fire restoration techniques, we’re always prepared for any situation. We always perform a fire restoration assessment and inspection. This allows for a complete restoration plan, providing for efficient restoration tactics. Our technicians pride themselves on providing you with exceptional fire restoration. Keeping you informed and comfortable is incredibly important to us. Our technicians are always happy to answer any questions, guiding you through the fire restoration process while working quickly and efficiently.
  • Experienced Specialists – Our fire restoration technicians are some of the best. In addition to employing the latest restoration methodology, our restoration specialists also follow our unique protocol system. This puts you at the forefront of the restoration process. Compassion and expertise have molded our team into one of the finest in the Northwest. We’ll deal with your insurance company and make sure you give the okay before beginning any work.
  • Comprehensive Restoration – Comprehensive fire restoration means handling more than just fire damage. As experts in our field, we provide you with a multi-tiered approach. From assessment through to completion, our restoration professionals handle every damage type. All our specialists are IICRC-certified, meaning they are well-equipped to handle water damage restoration as part of the fire damage restoration process. We always follow best practices, including conducting advanced structural drying to prevent the mold buildup that otherwise requires remediation. Once we’ve finished our comprehensive Bellevue fire restoration services, our technicians perform a thorough cleanup so that you can get back to using and enjoying your property immediately.

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