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Hardwood Floor Drying in Renton

We Strive to Salvage Your Water Damaged Hardwood Floors

Water-damaged wood flooring is one of the most difficult and complicated materials to dry. The process requires extensive experience, the right tools, and good judgment. Because of the porous nature of wood, water absorbs through the flooring, and if left untreated, moisture can cause irreparable damage.

You should give our team a call if you notice the following:

  • Warped wood flooring
  • Discoloration
  • Cupped or buckled flooring
  • Other severe wood damage

At AWR Restoration & Cleaning, all of our technicians undergo extensive training and stay up to date on the latest tools and systems for hardwood floor drying in Renton. We work quickly and provide effective services that will resolve the problem.

Call us at (206) 823-2252 or contact us online to request a free consultation and learn how to fix your water damaged hardwood floors. 

What to Do When Your Wood Floors Get Wet 

Water-damaged hardwood flooring can lead to two major issues: permanent structural damage and mold growth

Wood floors left to dry on their own can wreak havoc on your property. Flooding or water damage occurs unexpectedly, and because wood is particularly vulnerable to water, time is not on your side. It’s imperative you take quick steps to fix water damaged hardwood floors.

Steps you can take to dry your hard wood floors:

  1. Move all your furniture and rug from the affected area
  2. Vacuum to remove the excess water
  3. Scrub the area using a non-sudsy disinfectant
  4. Use a dehumidifier in the room for 24 hours
  5. Set up a fan at full blast to help dry the area
  6. Call the professionals to restore the rest

How To Fix Water Damaged Wood Floor?

If your wood floor is damaged by water, it's best to hire a professional to fix it. They will assess the damage and decide the best approach, which may include replacing damaged boards or refinishing the entire floor. Quick action is crucial to prevent further damage and the growth of mold.

How We Dry Hardwood Floors

If your hardwood floors are showing signs of water damage, you're probably wondering how to fix them. While hardwood floor drying seems like an easy task, it’s best left to the professionals. In order to properly dry a hardwood floor, a technician must take great care and remain perceptive to the severity of the damage. Our hardwood floor-drying technicians are detail oriented and take the time to carefully inspect every portion of the flooring.

We will:

  • Determine if the flooring can be salvaged. Solid hardwood floors that have cupped but are not completely buckled can likely be restored.
  • Remove the bulk moisture. Standing water should be removed as fast as possible to avoid further absorption.
  • Set up vacuum panels. We install temporary, state-of-the-art floor restoration panels over the wet hardwood flooring and apply powerful negative pressure. This device pulls warm, dry air out from under the floor through the flutes in the wood.

If your water-damaged hardwood boards are beyond repair, you'll need to look into replacement flooring. If our team can't help you restore your hardwood floors, we will certainly help you select new panels. 

Why Choose AWR Restoration & Cleaning to Fix Your Water Damaged Wood Floors

With over 30 years of experience in water damage restoration, our team knows how to properly dry wood floors to salvage them and ensure a safe, healthy space. We serve businesses and homeowners alike, delivering expert workmanship that is personalized to each unique case. 

Discuss your hardwood floor damage with our team by calling (206) 823-2252 or contacting us online today!

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