The Benefits of Professional Hardwood Floor Drying

Hardwood floors

When you’ve suffered from water damage you know you need professional help, but you might not be sure how it benefits you. Hardwood floor drying in Renton is a specialty that can’t be learned overnight from a Youtube video. The faster you receive professional structural drying the better. There are a few reasons for this, so let’s look at the damage that can occur from leaving a hardwood floor to dry naturally.

Dangers of Natural Hardwood Floor Drying

  • Mold – We’ve covered the dangers of mold before, and we’ll continue to cover them until everyone knows what hazards it can pose. Letting your wood floor dry on its own invites mold to grow undetected wherever it pleases. Mold won’t stay in one spot, and it won’t be long before your floor problem becomes a wall problem becomes a house problem.
  • Rot – Rot doesn’t just occur where you can see it. When professional drying is performed it uses techniques and equipment that actually dry beneath the floorboards. Leaving nature to take its course means there are sub-areas that will rot, and just because it appears to be dry on top doesn’t mean there isn’t damage below. This can also extend to the foundation. Professional drying removes the water that may penetrate and crack the very foundation your home sits on.
  • Warping – To put it mildly, even the boards that successfully air dry are going to suffer damage. The more water they soak up and the longer it takes them to dry, the worse your buckling and warping problem will be. Kiss an even floor goodbye. You also invite the potential for splintering, cracking, and holes between floorboards.

As fast as damage can occur to hardwood floors, it often times doesn’t have to be permanent. Having hardwood floor drying professionals in Renton see to your hardwood floors provides a number of amazing benefits.

Benefits of Professional Hardwood Floor Drying

  • Experience – Not every hardwood floor can be saved, and an experienced restoration company knows that. If your floor is salvageable, they’ll save you the time and effort it takes to try. If it can be salvaged they know exactly what needs to be done in order to provide you with the best chance at a fully restorable hardwood floor.
  • Knowledge – Different wood types respond differently to water damage. Harder woods take longer to soak in water and cup, engineered wood cannot be refinished, Parquet isn’t often salvageable. There is an incredible number of flooring types, and a hardwood floor drying restoration expert can easily identify your flooring type and get to work.
  • Equipment Drying a hardwood floor is not a one-step process, it requires multiple tools and is performed in multiple steps. Just gathering the equipment yourself costs you valuable time and significantly increases your chance at a permanently non-salvageable floor. Restoration experts have all the equipment they’ll need at the ready. As soon as your floor is identified as salvageable they can go to work, performing your hardwood drying with efficiency and skill.

If you experience water damage and need fast hardwood floor drying call (206) 823-2252 or contact AWR Restoration & Cleaning today.

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