The Dangers of Undetected Mold


There are many ways you can get mold in your property. Old buildings may not be insulated or weather sealed properly, causing moisture buildup and mold growth. Water damage in any instance can lead to conditions that harbor mold. Mold can easily spread, growing behind walls where you can’t even see it. The best way to detect mold in Renton, WA is with professional mold testing. How will you know if you need mold testing though, and why should you get it?

Mold Symptoms

Mold causes a variety of symptoms. These aren’t just minor inconveniences either, many can be quite serious. One of the most common, and most lethal molds in Renton, WA is black mold. Without proper mold testing, this can quickly turn minor health problems into major ones, especially if it gets in your duct system. Symptoms of black mold follow stages, these include:

  • Stage One – Short term exposure leads to itching skin and eyes, headaches, and sneezing. If you experience these and suspect it isn’t related to seasonal allergies, contact a mold testing expert immediately. You don’t want to take the risk that your symptoms could advance further. Black mold should be taken very seriously at every stage.
  • Stage Two – The more time you spend in a contaminated environment, the worse your symptoms will become. This includes everything from neurological problems, memory loss, hair loss and constant fatigue to constant headaches and chronic infections. Some of these symptoms are reversible, but the worse you allow your condition to become the more likely you will suffer permanent physical or mental damage.
  • Stage Three – Long term memory loss, brain damage, blindness, and bleeding lungs are a best-case scenario. Symptoms also include cancer and death. There’s no reason you should ever reach this point. Mold testing in Renton, WA is the safest, fastest, and surest way to find out if you are suffering from mold exposure.

A doctor can help you, but when they see you outside your daily environment, mold exposure may not even cross their mind. You know what condition your property and workplace are in, and when the symptoms seem to occur. Always inform your doctor of these things if you suspect a black mold problem.

Mold Testing

The best way to find mold is with professional mold testing in Renton, WA. Your trusted restoration professionals can even perform mold remediation if mold is discovered. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call (206) 823-2252 or Contact AWR Restoration & Cleaning for mold testing in Renton, WA if you suspect problematic mold growth.

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