3 Simple Steps to Take after Water Damage

Water Damage

Renton gets a lot of rain, and sometimes nature decides you have it too good. That’s when it wears down your property and breaks in. Broken piping can also cause flooding. No matter how your water damage occurs, you want to act swiftly. This doesn’t just keep water damage from building up, it improves the ability of water restoration experts to combat loss from Renton, WA water damage. If you take these steps after encountering water damage, you’ll be ahead of the game.

Water Damage Control Procedures

  1. Shut It Off – If the water source is inside, like a malfunctioning water heater or burst pipe, shut off your main water valve. If you don’t know where it is, step away from the screen and find out. The sooner you do this, the sooner you stop the flow of the water.
  2. Turn Off Utilities – When you’re suffering from major water damage in Renton, WA turn off utilities and do not use any electrical appliances. This keeps you and your family much safer from the risk of electrocution. Once specialists arrive they will use appropriate equipment to safely remove water.
  3. Contact a Professional – Though they can get there fast, a restoration company only knows you’re in trouble if you let them. The sooner you call, the sooner they can arrive. With certified technicians and professional grade equipment, they’ll provide you with the best opportunity for avoiding extensive water damage to flooring, furniture, and more.

A top-notch restoration company can work directly with your insurers. They’ll know exactly what information is required to get you appropriate coverage. Also remember to hold onto all of your cleanup costs and records, as well as your damaged goods. Companies often send out inspectors to assess the damage. Professional damage restoration also provides proof to your insurers that everything was handled correctly. Amateur restoration efforts can lead to major financial costs when insurers refuse to cover damages due to improper restoration efforts.

When you’re suffering from water damage in Renton, WA, Call (206) 823-2252 or Contact AWR Restoration & Cleaning today.