The Benefits of Professional Structural Drying

Water droplets

Professional structural drying in Renton, WA can mean the difference between saving damaged portions of your property and extensive restoration and replacement. When you need structural drying after an incident involving water, like a burst pipe or flooding, it’s important to contact a reputable structural drying company as soon as possible. Using special equipment and careful measurements,  they can dry your property much faster than you can, and ensure that it is entirely dry. There are a number of major benefits to structural drying, including:

  • Professionals bring experience – Did you know there are different classes of water damage, and that each requires different methodology to properly contain and dry it? Do you know the difference between clear and grey water, and when one becomes the other? What about the risk of infection from waterborne bacteria and what you should wear during cleanup? A structural drying company in Renton knows water damage is progressive and not all stages are created equally. An amateur can quickly find themselves in over their heads, employing methods that don’t address the problem and can even make the situation worse. When you’re currently experiencing water damage is not the time to learn the ropes. It’s the time to call for professional help and ensure you save as much of your property as possible.
  • Rapid Drying saves you Money – Structural drying specialists bring all the equipment they’ll need for a job. Every site is assessed, and different equipment is used depending on the nature of the site. Extraction equipment can be used to rapidly remove liquid water. High-velocity fans and dehumidifiers are then used to dry water that has soaked into structures. Careful temperature control ensures the equipment operates at its peak. This can be especially important when you need to dry hardwood floorsStructural drying can keep permanent structural damage from occurring and prevent mold growth. Letting the experts dry your house in Renton ensures as much of your property is saved as possible, seriously lowering the amount you’ll need to pay on repairs and restoration.
  • Professionals provide documentation – This may sound simple. You think, “I can document my drying process myself.” There’s something incredibly important you won’t realize until it’s too late. Your insurance company knows you aren’t a professional, and they will steeply, and negatively, adjust your claim accordingly. Insurance companies want to keep their money. Even if you pay them every single month for decades, as soon as you need their help they’ve suddenly misplaced their wallets and can they call you right back? A professional structural drying process involves the best methods and careful documentation of moisture measurements along the way. This provides your insurance company with proof that every appropriate step was taken to save your property. That means a much greater chance you will have a verified open and closed claim instead of one that drags on, costing you even more in the long run.

For professional structural drying in Renton, Call (206) 823-2252 or Contact the experts at AWR Restoration & Cleaning.

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