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Mold Testing in Kirkland

Our Team Can Detect & Remove All Types of Mold

With an extended rainy season, Kirkland is a hotbed for mold growth. The perfect conditions for mold are everywhere—moisture and warmth are all it takes. Though there are many harmless varieties of mold, like those found on bread and in blue cheese dressing, the kind that most often inhabit a home can cause allergic reactions and produce dangerous toxins.

When you need reliable, thorough, and effective mold testing in Kirkland, you want AWR Restoration & Cleaning. Our professional mold testing identifies harmful varieties of mold. We determine the extent of the mold growth, the type, and the damage so that you can make an informed choice about mold remediation.

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Your Local Mold Testing Company

Remember, mold is sneaky. If you’ve spotted it, there’s likely much more hidden from view. At AWR Restoration & Cleaning, we come equipped with all the tools, training, and experience required for accurate mold testing. With IICRC certifications, extensive training, and over 30 years of industry experience, our technicians are capable of detecting all types of mold.

You’ll need more than elbow grease to properly remove this threat to your home and your well-being. Mold often grows behind floors, ceilings, walls, and other hidden areas. Without professional mold testing, it can keep spreading and causing damage.

Should You Schedule Professional Mold Testing?

If you encounter any of the following signs, don’t wait to get mold testing in Kirkland:

  • Allergy Symptoms – Allergy symptoms may be positively or negatively attributed to mold. If you’ve been suffering from new or excessive symptoms in your home, it can help to monitor whether these symptoms dissipate when you leave. If they are substantially worse in your home, mold testing is a good idea. Common allergic reactions to mold include sneezing, sinus congestion, itchy eyes, difficulty breathing, and a sore throat. Black mold is another common mold. This produces dangerous mycotoxins and can result in permanent health effects and death.
  • Seeing Mold – Spotting mold is one of the most common ways homeowners identify it. Without mold testing, however, you will not know how far the problem has spread. Some incidences are isolated. Surface mold often appears near bathing areas. It can develop in multiple places at one time, having spread from the area you noticed it to difficult-to-see areas behind structural components, or vice versa. Failing to identify the scope of your infestation can cost you your health, property, and finances.
  • Water Problems – Mold often follows water-related problems. Pooling water, leaks, discoloration, and flood damage can all provide an excellent environment for mold. Many surfaces take months to dry properly without the help of a professional water damage restoration company. Mold testing can stop water damage from becoming a costly mold problem.
  • Signs of Toxic Mold – Black mold symptoms come in three separate stages. The first is often mistaken for common cold and allergy symptoms. These can lead to memory loss, dizziness, headaches, and concentration trouble with extended exposure. Effects only worsen. If you suspect toxic black mold, leave the environment immediately and call us for expedited scheduling of your mold testing in Kirkland.

Now you know what to look for. Trust your senses and don’t wait to take action if you suspect mold has begun invading your home or place of business. Risking irreversible health effects isn’t worth it. We’re certified, trained, and ready to provide you with the most reliable and effective mold testing in Kirkland.

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