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Kirkland Mold Removal Services

Total Mold Remediation & Removal

If you’ve ever encountered mold, you know how fast it can grow. It may seem like you cleaned an area just yesterday and it’s already back. That’s because mold grows incredibly quickly and while you decide what to do spores, can travel behind walls and into ceilings. This can lead to costly repairs, extensive cleanup, and an increased likelihood of major health concerns. If you even suspect the presence of mold, you want professional mold removal in Kirkland with AWR Restoration & Cleaning. We’re mold removal experts and can identify, remove, and repair your property to its pre-mold damaged state.

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Mold Exposure Symptoms

Though molds all have different toxicity levels and produce unique symptoms, even the most common types can cause an allergic reaction. Though it might not seem like a problem at first, without mold removal, this can quickly escalate and cause respiratory infections or exacerbate asthma. With its moist climate and continual rain, one of the most common molds in the Pacific Northwest, black mold, is also extremely dangerous.

Black mold produces mycotoxins, which are very harmful for humans. Without efficient and thorough black mold removal, these toxins can cause a variety of symptoms that only get worse.

These occur in several stages:

  • Early Symptoms – Black mold sickness may seem innocuous in the early stages. It often mimics cold and allergy symptoms. Pay attention for itchy skin, itchy eyes, sneezing, skin irritation, and headaches, all of which can indicate the early stages of black mold exposure.
  • Intermediate Symptoms – When an area has been contaminated for an extended period of time, intermediate symptoms of black mold exposure can occur. These are reflective of prolonged exposure, and you should seek medical help as soon as possible. Symptoms may present as hair and weight loss, chronic bronchitis, chronic fatigue, short-term memory loss, skin rashes and sores, constant headaches, diarrhea, and vomiting.
  • Advanced Symptoms – Do not ignore the need for mold removal. Living in a black mold compromised property can cause permanent health problems in the final stages. These include cancer, brain damage, memory loss, and bleeding lungs. Left untreated, black mold may even lead to death.

Sadly, children experience the symptoms of black mold at an accelerated pace. If you even suspect a mold problem, contact us for mold testing and removal right away.

Providing Expert Mold Removal

The CDC recommends that all types of mold be professionally removed. Our technicians are trained and certified in mold identification and removal. We deal with every mold type, providing the same high level of care on every job when performing mold removal in Kirkland. That’s because mold can easily spread when spores are disturbed. Our methodology is tried and proven to eliminate mold while keeping it from spreading further. We always perform an extensive property diagnosis to determine the extent of the problem and remove it in its entirety.

Since mold growth is so often tied to moisture, we frequently find water-related property damage while performing mold removal. As full-service contractors, we can restore your property as well. It just takes one phone call to get every mold-related service you need, right in one place. That’s identification, removal, and repair—all from the same company.

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