Can Air Purifiers Help With Growing Indoor Mold?

Close up of window frame with mold damage

Mold growth in the home is annoying, and discovering mold in your home is always a pain. While preventing mold is the name of the game, sometimes it can be challenging to be on top of every nook and cranny of your home. After all, you can get busy and forget some tasks. Don’t worry because we are here to tell you that your secret weapon against mold is an air purifier!

Why Mold Proliferates?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty we need to explain why mold can be an issue across homes. The problem can come down to a variety of factors, but commonly high humidity and poor ventilation are the most significant factors in mold growth. Mold spores love excess moisture, so you can find mold typically growing in humid areas or plumbing fixtures that are leaking because they provide ample water for growth.

Likewise, poor ventilation can lead to increased heat on top of humidity, allowing mold to spread across the home. Keeping your house cool and relatively dry can be solved with a properly functioning AC, but this is where an air purifier can help.

Air Purifier Role In Mold Prevention

Air-purifiers work by collecting allergens from your home’s air that stick to its filters, and you get improved air quality across your home. While that sounds relatively simple, the reason why an air purifier is going to help prevent mold growth comes down to their air filters. Standard air filters in HVAC systems can be good at capturing dust or even pollen, but mold spores are pretty tiny.

So how do air purifiers help? A good quality air purifier contains HEPA filters which are highly rated filters that can capture microscopic material, including mold spores. What this means for your home is that you can reduce the chances of mold growth, as the air purifier will capture any spores before they can grow.

Prevention Is Still Key

While air purifiers are a great preventive measure, they are not a solution for mold growth that has gotten out of hand. You cannot just plop an air purifier in one room with rampant mold growth and expect a clean structure thirty minutes later. The key is prevention, and you want to invest early on to avoid dealing with damage to your home.

Deciding On Air Filters

Not every air purifier is built the same and can vary drastically based on their air filters. This does not mean one air purifier is worse than another but can serve different functions. The best way to choose the air purifier right for your home is by looking into the air filter ratings for the unit and ensuring the filters are rated to catch particles as small as mold spores.

An alternative to HEPA filters are air purifiers using photoelectrochemical oxidation, or PECO system, that can help eliminate spores using a light-activated chemical reaction to break down pollutants.

At Advanced Water Restoration we know a thing or two about mold, so call (206) 823-2252 today, and we can help get rid of any mold in your home!

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