Prepare Your Home for Spring

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The shift to spring weather is a great time to dust off your home and get some much-needed cleaning done to ring in the brand new sunny days. Oh, who are we kidding. Spring weather can be such a hassle for many of us because it signifies seasonal allergies rearing their ugly head again. While spring cleaning and allergies can be a pain, they do not have to be so bad; all it can take is some elbow grease with these home tips!

Getting Ahead Of Allergies

So you have seasonal allergies, well, we have a quick tip that can help you, and it involves your home’s air filters. If you have an HVAC system, check your air filters regularly as they can get dirty quickly, and when they clog up, they fail to catch annoying allergens floating across your home.

Likewise, cleaning your air filters can cut down on mold growth, which could be a contributing factor to some allergy symptoms. When cleaning your home, you can also do yourself a big favor by cleaning dust around air vents, as you cut down on potential sources of dust and dander.

Drain Care

One of the most overlooked aspects of spring cleaning around the home may surprise you: cleaning your drains. While we all know that we should clean drains when they begin to smell or clog up, you can get ahead of those annoying reminders by cleaning your drains regularly.

Proper drain care can help cut down on the chances of clogs or unwanted smells that can build up due to organic material clinging to the sides of your drains. If you want to clean your drains at home, you can use a simple 1:1 mixture of vinegar and baking soda, then let it sit in your drain for about twenty minutes. After those twenty minutes pass, use some good old hot water to help clear your pipes of all that build-up.

A Note On Drain Cleaners

While you may be tempted to use commercial drain cleaners to clean your drains, you may want to avoid using them as your first line of defense. The issue with drain cleaners is not that they do not remove clogs or build-up; the problem is they are too good at clearing up your pipes; in fact, they might clear your actual pipes.

Drain cleaner chemicals can be quite harsh on pipes, causing damage over extended usage and plumbing problems. Most drain cleanings at home are minor, so avoid using drain cleaners repeatedly as you may run the risk of damaging your pipes and opening up new problems for your home.

Water Damage Checks

Remember earlier when we mentioned how mold growth could worsen your allergies? Well, mold spores have the habit of aggravating the repository system, and those pesky spores in many homes can come from water damage areas. If you have experienced flooding recently or even had something like a washing machine on the fritz, check around areas with connections to water sources for any water damage.

Spotting water damage around pipes can be vital in spotting potential mold growth. IF you find discolored patches on your walls or colored spots on certain fixtures, you may have water damage that needs our expert care. We thankfully provide mold remediation services to get to mold problem areas and snuff out any spores. The signs of mold in your home can be pretty subtle, so we don’t blame you if you might miss some of the symptoms.

At Advanced Water Restoration we always want to help our customers, that’s why when you call (206) 823-2252 today, we guarantee the best service for your home needs!

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