How To Prepare For Floods And Keep Your Home Dry

How To Prepare For Floods And Keep Your Home Dry

Flooded basement

Flooding in a home is a situation that can require quick thinking to avoid having to deal with excessive water damage. While you can think fast, unfortunately, floods can move faster than you at times and catch you by surprise. However, floods do not have to get the upper hand regarding your comfort and safety! If you want to beat floods and stay dry amid a downpour, then a sump pump is what you need!

Breaking Down A Sump Pump

So what is a sump pump? A sump pump is a series of pumps located typically in the lowest part of a home, your basements. These pumps take any incoming water and redirect it to another area to avoid water damage. Most sump pumps cooperate by redirecting water outside the home and work faster than you frantically scooping water with a bucket. Sump pumps are submersible and, after installation, will not be an eyesore or take up much space in your basement.

Sump pumps work passively and will immediately drain when excess water reaches the sump pump's basin. This means you do not have to constantly monitor your sup pump or ensure it's on at night before bed. Your sump pump will divert water to nearby storm drains or wells when water enters the basin.

Investing In Prevention

You can live without a sump pump, many homeowners do, but you are opening yourself up to many potential costs in the future. We technically don't need a spoon to eat soup, but why make the process trickier than it needs to be without one? Sump pumps are an investment in safety and protection against unforeseen flooding. What you pay for installation is a small price compared to mold removal services, buying new furniture, and the repairs after a flood.

Drying a home after a flood is lengthy and costly if you need to dry a large portion of a home. A sump pump can help mitigate the damage from a flood severely and during a flood, buy you valuable time to assess the situation. Natural events like rainstorms are not the only sources of flooding; unexpected pipe bursts happen, so think over a sump pump purchase.

A Tool Not A Miracle

While sump pumps are an excellent investment, they are machines, not miracle workers. During natural disasters, your sump pump can be interrupted by any power outages. However, a simple solution to power outages is getting a system with a battery-powered backup to avoid machine failure.

Always test your system regularly when owning a sump pump to ensure it functions properly. You don't want to find out your sump pump needed repairs in the middle of a flood. With any tool in your home, make sure to get routine maintenance! Regular maintenance on your sump pump ensures you're ready to tackle any flood life throws at your home.

At Advanced Water Restoration we know a thing or two about floods. So if you want to install a sump pump to tackle a flood or need help drying your home after a flood, call (206) 823-2252 today, and we'll be happy to help.

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