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Hardwood Floor Drying in Kent

Protecting the Structure & Safety of Your Home

When moisture is in contact with hardwood floors, it can cause damage not only to the floors but also to the structure itself. Additionally, when wetness is not quickly dried, mold can grow and spread rapidly, leading to serious health hazards. When you have a moisture problem, you should call water damage restoration experts right away to quickly dry your floors, prevent mold growth, and halt further damage.

At AWR Restoration & Cleaning, we have extensive training and we use the latest drying equipment to dry your floors swiftly and correctly. We are proud to be able to provide cost-effective, professional services for residents of Kent, WA and the surrounding areas.

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The Importance of Drying Water-Damaged Wood Flooring

When you have wet hardwood floors, you want to get them dry as quickly as possible to avoid warping or cupping. The structure of the floor can be damaged quickly, and mold can grow in such environments in as little as two to three days. You want to get help from professionals who can come out to your home or commercial property as quickly as possible and use state-of-the-art equipment to start the drying process.

AWR Restoration & Cleaning knows that the first few days of moisture exposure are critical, and we will not delay in getting started. We aim to preserve your flooring and restore your space to its pre-event condition.

Restoring a Hardwood Floor

Here’s an idea of the typical process of restoring a hardwood floor:

  • As with any project, hardwood floor drying begins with a comprehensive inspection. This is very important to identify the extent of the damage. Our team will not only inspect the wood but will also check the subflooring and nails to determine the full extent of the problem. Occasionally wood floors cannot be restored, but you will still to dry them to avoid mold growth. The more damage your floors have, the less likely they can be fully restored. With the inspection, we will also evaluate for damage at the substrate level.
  • After the evaluation, we will remove the bulk of the moisture. Any pooled water will need to be dried, as the floor will continued to absorb any water left standing.
  • Next, we connect our restoration vacuum panels to dry the moisture that has already been soaked into the wood. These increase the dry air flow and dry the floor quickly.

The extent of water damage will determine whether or not your hardwood floors can be restored, but it’s important to note that there isn’t any wood floor that can tolerate prolonged water exposure. Wood floors that can be sanded and refinished have the highest likelihood of being preserved. Additionally, harder materials absorb moisture slower and are more likely to be able to be saved.

In contrast, pre-finished wood flooring can be damaged more quickly than on-site finished floors. Engineered wood can sometimes create a barrier that deflects water, but once there is damage to engineered wood, it cannot be easily recovered. Laminate flooring is a cheaper material that cannot withstand water damage but can be color-matched and spot-replaced.

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