How to Prepare Your Home for the Holidays

dad holding daughter in the air with santa hats

It’s time for a turkey feast and some Christmas cookie baking. Holiday traditions are just around the corner, and your house should be ready for any guests or activities that may come with them.

When it comes to holidays we may focus on the decorations, but it is a good time for a swift clean and some restoration if your home needs it.

Clean The Kitchen

The heart of the home is the kitchen, and during the holidays, it can bring cheerful aromas to your home.

A lot of holiday activities take place in your kitchen. Whether that is cooking a turkey, making Christmas cookies for Santa or having a family bake-off as a tradition.

This space’s cleanliness can impact your meals at holiday dinner, and no one likes to be sick during the holidays.

Cleaning the kitchen can include decluttering and sanitizing countertops, windows, your oven, microwave, fridge and so much more.

When cleaning, if you notice mold or strange odors, it may be a good idea to invest in an odor treatment, mold testing, and removal service if needed.

Professionals at AWR Restoration & Cleaning are here to help get these holiday to-do’s checked off your list.

Clean The Bathroom

The bathroom is another room in your home that gets lots of use, especially when you have guests for the holidays.

Be sure to de-clutter the space by removing any unnecessary items on the countertops. Also, be sure your toilet is working properly and flushing alright.

When your toilet stops working when quests are over, it can only create problems.

Get An Inspection

When there is damage to your home, whether it be big or small, mold, smoke, or water damage, it should be taken care of right away.

Stay calm and give our experts a call at the first sign of damage. A small issue can turn into a major one within a short amount of time if not addressed properly.

An inspection is a great first step to know the extent of the problem, so we can form a plan to get your home back to its original condition and ready for the holidays.

Stock Up

Do you have your essentials for the holiday season? Everyone's list may look different, but here are some common essentials you may want to have on hand for your family and any holiday visitors.

  • Paper Towels

  • Toilet Paper

  • Hand Soap

  • Shampoo

  • Conditioner

  • Lotion

  • Body Wash

  • Toothpaste

  • Water

  • Baking Basics

  • Holiday Candy

  • Canned Foods

Remember when stocking up, only get items that can last for a while. Some items can be frozen and kept for months, others can be stored in the pantry or in applicable areas.

Smoke Detectors

Lighting the fireplace or your holiday candles may make your home festive, but it can also be dangerous if left unattended.

Be sure to inspect your smoke alarms. Check that the batteries are good and the alarm is working. This could save the life of any family members in your household, in case of a fire.

Decorate For The Season

When do you put up your Christmas tree? Do you get out the fall pumpkins and leaves for Thanksgiving and then string the home with lights, holly and more.

Decorating your home for the holiday season can help bring the Thanksgiving and December holiday cheer into your home.

If you store your decorations while they are not up year-round, be sure to dust them off and check for mold.

Pollutants like these can impact your home’s indoor air quality and can spread making the issue worse within your home.

We wish you the happiest holiday season and are here to help you prepare. Call Advanced Water Restoration at (206) 823-2252 or fill out an online contact form, and we’ll be there for you.

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