Kitchen Fire Safety Tips for Thanksgiving

pulling turkey out of oven

You’ve probably already planned your Thanksgiving dinner and assigned dishes to select family members. You’ve most likely started preparing the guest bedrooms and looking for the fine china. But have you refreshed your holiday fire safety knowledge for the season?

While Thanksgiving is a joyous occasion with friends and family, we can often get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season, and mishaps can occur. The last thing you’ll want to experience during the holidays is a fire, so make sure to review the following tips to stay safe on turkey day!

Monitor the Kitchen

We’ve all experienced the busy nature of a Thanksgiving morning. Rolls are being put in the oven, potatoes are boiling, and sauces are simmering. Aside from preparing a delicious meal for loved ones, we’re often also tasked with watching after the children, hosting, and setting the table.

It can be easy to be pulled from the kitchen, but it’s important to stay close to any dishes cooking on open flames and never leave a cooking appliance unattended. Kitchen fires can happen in an instant and leave behind lasting damage. Ask a family member to supervise the kitchen while you’re away or turn off the stove until you return.

Keep the Kitchen Kid-Free

Our kids and pets love to spend time with us while cooking. However, a young child can easily reach for a hot pan or be struck by cooking oil. Safety should be your number one priority on Thanksgiving, so always try to keep kids and pets at least three feet away from the stovetop. Make sure the pathways in the kitchen are clear and exits are easily accessible for all guests; if a fire were to occur, you’d want to have an obstruction-free path.

Avoid Baggy Clothes

Fall sweaters can be quite cozy and comfortable this time of year, but they can pose a fire risk while cooking. A long sleeve or sweatshirt can easily catch an open flame. It’s always a good rule of thumb to roll up your sleeves, tie back hair, and keep flammable items away from the stove.

Prepare With a Fire Extinguisher and Smoke Alarm

When it comes to fire safety, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Preparation is key, and it starts with a reliable smoke alarm and easily accessible fire extinguisher. Grease fires can spread in an instant and cannot be extinguished with water alone. Always have an extinguisher on hand in the event of an emergency!

To prevent extensive fire damage, it’s recommended to install smoke alarms in your home. It’s crucial to have a timely alert when a fire may be present, so you will have enough time to act and extinguish the flames.

Use Turkey Fryers Outdoors

We all love a delicious fried turkey on Thanksgiving! It’s important to remember to always use your turkey fryer outdoors, as using them inside, on a wooden deck, and in the garage can pose a fire hazard.

Like your kitchen, your turkey fryer will need supervision. Divide and conquer dish supervision with family members while cooking your feast to ensure a safe and savory Thanksgiving meal.

Switch to Battery Operated Candles

If you’re hoping to accentuate your holiday dinner table with candles, try to opt for battery-operated candles. According to the USFA, more than half of candle fires result from the candle being positioned too close to flammable decor. Swapping your soy candles for battery-operated ones will give you peace of mind and ultimate security with your seasonal decor.

Fire Restoration Services in Renton

If disaster strikes your home, contact your restoration team at Advanced Water Restoration for quality fire restoration services. We’re dedicated to restoring our valued customers’ peace of mind and security. Our trained professionals are eager to serve your fire restoration needs. Give us a call at (206) 823-2252 for more information about our range of services.

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