Why We Love Being a Part of the Tacoma, Washington Community

Tacoma, Washington

The sun is shining, it has decided to peak through the clouds after a spring rain shower. The air is chilly, and the wind is lightly blowing. A couple from not too far off is walking together hand in hand. The landscape is breathtaking as the clouds roll away and a blue sky takes over, the vibrant, yet the fierce beauty of Mt. Rainier decides to make her début. The couple stares in the direction of the mountain admiring the majestic view. She, intently takes it all in, gazing from the water to the mountain, and he turns and looks at her with a deep love and sincerity in his eyes believing in his heart that she is the only one to be admired at this moment. He then kisses her hand and drops down to one knee while pulling out a ring. This special occasion begins to be noticed by bystanders, and with big smiles; people begin to watch this moment in time unfold. This is a scene that may be spotted at Tacoma’s waterfront, a place that captivates the heart of those who visit or call it home.

Tacoma is a beautiful area that lies between Commencement Bay and South Puget Sound. This fascinating city is in between two trendy cities, Seattle and Portland and is located in just the right spot to get a perfect view of Mt. Rainier. Western Washington, more specifically the Seattle area, is known for plenty of rainfall. However, Tacoma receives a lesser amount of its average being around 39 inches of rain per year. Its temperatures are quite comfortable with them ranging from 48 degrees in winter to 77 in summer. This beautiful place is unique and has many qualities that are accommodating, whether you are single or have a family. Advance Water Restoration proudly serves Tacoma with 24-hour emergency services and diligent and efficient work. Here are a few reasons why we love being a part of this community:

  • Outdoor Recreation

    Tacoma is home to some spectacular outdoor spaces. One of its main attractions is Point Defiance Park. It is a 760-acre park that is filled with a variety of accommodations such as hiking and bike trails, forest and gardens, and playgrounds. You can keep busy at the waterfront with fishing, swimming, and boating. It is also home to other attractions like the Point Defiance zoo and aquarium. Point Defiance Park is a piece of paradise nestled in Tacoma next to the beautiful waterfront, which allows you to be apart of many types of recreational activity.

  • Waterfront Community

    Tacoma is a waterfront community because not only is Point Defiance located against the water but this beautiful city has 46 miles of water landscape that is filled with homes and properties, outdoor activity spaces, and dining. Ruston way is a perfect spot to take a leisurely walk with a loved one, a bike ride with a spectacular view or a flat spot to go for a jog. There are also other amenities available such as paddle boarding, and doing yoga along the water walk.

  • Art Culture

    Tacoma is a distinguished city that is filled with a vibrant and diverse art culture. This city has an array of public art that shows and describes beauty from a different perspective. Point Ruston has its own collection of art that displays sculptures, paintings, and wall art. Tacoma has a special love for art. This city has the desire to cover as much of its grounds with art as possible; in fact, they have already created 27 murals that have been made by local artists. This city is not only surrounded with the natural beauty of the water and mountains but artists have created beauty within the city that has cultivated a dynamic for imagination. Tacoma is a city that has a cultural vibe and a plethora of museums displaying the different types of uniqueness’. This culturally driven city is home to The Museum of Glass, Tacoma Art Museum, Washington State History Museum, Children’s Museum, and LeMay America’s car museum.

  • Coffee Experts

    Art through color and design may be popular in Tacoma however coffee is another pride and joy of this fabulous city. Starbucks may be home in Seattle but even though this chain coffee shop is all up and down Western Washington, Tacoma changes it up and is home to some amazing local roasters and brewers. This city has coffee shops like Blue Beard Roasters, a place with a funky vibe and delicious coffees; or Bertolinos where you can get your late night espresso and caffeine fix.

Tacoma is ranked number 42 out of 100 places to live due to the vibrancy of art, depth of culture and its walkability. Tacoma is a fantastic city because of all it offers, from cost of living and comfortable climate to a beautiful waterfront that makes multiple amenities available. Tacoma is a place where memories are created and stories begin.

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