The Power of Professional Carpet Cleaning


Carpet Cleaning

There are many do it yourself carpet cleaning products, so it’s easy to fall into the DIY trap. “If the professionals can do it, so can I,” you might say. Well, you can certainly put water and cleaning fluid into a push vacuum, but there’s definitely no guarantee you’re going to get the desired results. Carpet cleaning in Renton is always best performed by the professionals. They offer a number of benefits that your grocery store carpet cleaning solution isn’t going to, and there are a few questions to ask yourself before wasting money at the store.

Carpet Cleaning Questions

  • What kind of damage is it? – Are you just trying to clean out surface level dirt or are you dealing with deep stains? Your store solution might be adequate for the first, but just because it looks tough, doesn’t mean it will provide the same cleaning power as an industrial solution.
  • Am I treating the damage correctly? – Are you tackling a stain, or is it something more? What many pet owners often forget is that below your carpet lies wood planking of some sort. Pet urine can soak into this, so if your intention is to clean an odor out it may require more extensive measures. Those can be provided by a professional.
  • Do I have the right tools? – Professional carpet cleaners have access to some cleaning agents that you do not. They also know the best methods for dealing with specific damage types. Advertisers can tell you nearly anything, and it’s easy to make a product sound like it will do the trick and even easier to create and sell one that will not. Since professional carpet cleaning in Renton comes with a guarantee, you don’t have to worry about throwing money down the drain on useless solutions. Have it done right the first time.

As you can tell, professional carpet cleaning provides a number of great benefits that you just won’t get at the grocery store. Before you decide to do some DIY carpet cleaning, ask yourself these 3 questions, and you might be surprised at the answers you come up with. For excellent carpet cleaning in Renton call (206) 823-2252 or contact AWR Restoration & Cleaning.


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