Seattle Fire and Water Damage Resoration

Why choose Advanced Water Restoration over FireWater Restoration®?

When a family experiences a devasting loss such as a house fire or flood, it is our mission to not just restore property but to restore lives! Our company’s foundation is built on trust. Whether you have major flood damage or you suspect mold in your walls, Advanced Water Restoration is here to help. Your […]

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We love providing water damage restoration services to Kent, WA

Advanced Water Restoration love’s being a part of the Kent community!

With 138 spoken languages, nationally recognized parks and a near 50% better affordability rate than Seattle, the diverse and centrally located community of Kent, WA is considered a perfect “basecamp” for outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, foodies and sport fans. The history of Kent, Washington In the late 1870’s local farmers were able to successfully produce crops […]

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For water damage clean up and repair, compare Advanced Water Restoration to ServePro

Why choose Advanced Water Restoration over ServePro®?

Why should you choose locally owned Advanced Water Restoration over a national chain like ServePro® for your water damage restoration needs? You notice you have water damage in your home. “Who ya gonna call?” Advanced Water Restoration! Your wash machine is leaking and now you have a massive pool of water. “Who ya gonna call?” […]

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We love providing water damage restoration services to Puyallup, Washington

We love being a part of the Puyallup community

Puyallup is a beautiful, family-oriented city located ten miles southeast of Tacoma. It is nestled in the perfect location, with a scenic view of the majestic Mt. Rainier. This city is named after a Native American tribe meaning “the generous people.” It offers high quality of life and is a great place to raise a […]

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Water damage restoration, what is the process?

You may be wondering, what if. What if my dishwasher started leaking and water was everywhere? What if the hose on my washing machine was faulty and water started spewing leaving standing water all in my laundry room? What if a pipe burst or my toilet overflowed and leaked through the ceiling into the next […]

We love being a part of the Federal Way, WA community

Need to feel refreshed? Do you need to take a break from the chaos life can bring? Only 25 minutes from the south point of Seattle and 15 minutes north of Tacoma lays the city of Federal Way. This wonderful city is beautifully placed between two mountain ranges, the Cascade Mountains as it offers a […]

Water damaged hardwood floors, when to fix and when to replace

It is a beautiful sight and truly eye-catching when you walk into a home and see a deep, dark mahogany hardwood floors running through the home. The shine of it brings about a clean sparkle that permeates a sense of freshness. It stirs up a feeling deep inside to take off your shoes and blast […]

Why we love being a part of the Tacoma, WA community

The sun is shining, it has decided to peak through the clouds after a spring rain shower. The air is chilly, and the wind is lightly blowing. A couple from not too far off is walking together hand in hand. The landscape is breathtaking as the clouds roll away and a blue sky takes over, […]

Top 5 causes of water damage in the home

We find ease in knowing all you need to do to wash your dishes is turn the faucet on hot, and without thinking, you know your water heater will do its job and warm water will begin to fall. Our lives are made simple when we find a pile stacked high of dirty laundry and […]

Why do I need to call a professional, can’t I dry my flooded home myself?

It’s been a long day. You walk into your home ready to kick off your shoes and relax. You head downstairs to your finished basement, it’s become the TV room, ready to lie on the couch and watch your favorite show. As you head down the stairs you are met with an absolute horror. There […]