Drywall Water Damage Renton

Make Sure You Hire for Complete Restoration (Not Just Flooding Mitigation)

Not just Water Damage Mitigation, but Complete Restoration With flooding you will want to call on the trained and skilled technicians that will mitigate the water problem AND also restore your processions to pre-loss conditions. When you are dealing with flooding you are working with an emergency situation that should only be handled by licensed, […]

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Is a preferred provider the best choice?

Is a preferred provider the best choice?

Before you decide on whether or not to use your insurance company’s “preferred provider”, I will give you a few things to think about before deciding. As you go through your insurance company’s web site, filing your claim or speaking to them on the phone, you will be asked if the damaging water or sewage […]

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Sprinkler System Flood Restoration Renton

Why choose Professional Sprinkler System Flood Restoration?

Sprinkler System Flood Restoration When you have a fire that sets off a sprinkler system, the water damage can often times be more extensive than the flood damage. These systems can also cause damage by leaking and oftentimes a property owner won’t find out about the leak until extensive damage has occurred. This is because […]

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3 Reasons to get Certified Carpet Cleaning

Certified Carpet Cleaning Just because a carpet cleaning company calls themselves professional, it doesn’t mean they’re certified. There is a large difference between the two, and you’ll want know which category your company falls into before hiring them. There are some questions you can ask that will quickly answer that question. An easy test is […]

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The Fundamentals of Crawl Space and Basement Dry-outs

Crawl Space and Basement Dry-outs It is easy to ignore what you cannot see, assuming everything will be fine because you’ve closed the basement door or patched that hole in the siding. Even though you may have fixed the immediate water damage causing problem, it may not have solved the problem entirely. That’s because it doesn’t […]

Always choose Professional Water & Sewage Extraction

Water & Sewage Extraction When you’re facing flood damage, from an outside force of nature or an indoor force of man, it’s important to know the dangers inherent in performing water & sewage extraction in Renton by yourself. Your water problems may not look like much, but it takes specialized equipment and extensive training to […]

The power of professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning There are many do it yourself carpet cleaning products, so it’s easy to fall into the DIY trap. “If the professionals can do it, so can I,” you might say. Well, you can certainly put water and cleaning fluid into a push vacuum, but there’s definitely no guarantee you’re going to get the […]

Why choose Professional Fire Restoration?

Fire Restoration When you need fire restoration in Renton, you don’t want an amateur outfit. As the old adage goes, where there’s fire, there’s smoke. One creates the other, and many people don’t realize that water damage can create fire damage due to an electrical fire. Having a full service restoration company capable of tackling […]

3 Precautions to take before Water & Sewage Extraction

Water Extraction & Sewage Extraction Water Extraction & Sewage Extraction are incredibly important when it comes to water restoration services and damage remediation. It doesn’t take long for water to start causing damage to your property and surroundings, and before you do anything it’s always best to contact a trusted restoration company in you area. […]

The Benefits of Direct Insurance Billing

Direct Insurance Billing When disaster strikes it can be difficult to know what to do next. Figuring out exactly who to call can be a struggle. Once you realize you should have been itemizing damage and that the professionals you hired didn’t do everything necessary for full insurance coverage, it can be too late. A […]