Flooded home

Always Choose Professional Water & Sewage Extraction

When you’re facing flood damage, from an outside force of nature or an indoor force of man, it’s important to know the dangers inherent in performing water & sewage extraction in Renton by yourself. Your water problems may not look like much, but it takes specialized equipment and extensive training to perform the kind of water extraction that reduces property damage. The situation can quickly escalate as well, and if you haven’t experienced it before it can become overwhelming. No amount of speed watching instructional videos and forums will get you up to speed at that point, and the damage will have gotten worse. Always hire a professional for water & sewage extraction in Renton because:

  • Water Damage is Progressive – Water damage is a bit like a pinball multiplier. You can only bat away that ball for so long until 7 more spring up, and at that point, you can’t even keep track of the original let alone the new additions. The longer you wait to professionally deal with water damage the greater the damage, and the faster that damage increases.
  • Sewage Water is Dangerous – Not only can sewage water carry waste matter, toxins, and pathogens, the younger you are the greater the effect. If you value your health, and that of your family and pets, you’ll call at the first sign of sewage water. Professional sewage extraction is the safest way to remove this toxic hazard, and ensure your safety now and in the future.
  • Electrical Hazards – Water loves electricity, it is conductive and will carry a shock right on into your body if you let it. Whether you’re dealing with clean water or black water, any water damage that requires water extraction can be considered major enough to pose an electrical hazard. The water could even be fine for a time, but as it rises it could reach an electrical socket, and if you’re touching it at all it will spell bad news. Don’t risk electrocution, if you do you may need more than just water damage restoration experts.

With 24 hour emergency services, if you’ve suffered from water or sewage damage in Renton, call (206) 823-2252 or contact AWR Restoration & Cleaning today.