Direct Insurance Billing Renton

Direct Insurance Billing

Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed on Water Damage Restoration Renton WA

Water damage accounts for more than 75% of property claims and filing one can be intimidating. For this reason we’ve carefully cultivated working relationships with insurance carriers over the years because you need a water damage restoration company that works hand in hand with you and your insurance company for a quick resolution. We offer direct billing to all insurance companies and direct negotiating as well.

This means we don’t send the bill to your insurance company and then send one to you for a leftover balance like other companies do.

Our guarantee is that once your deductible is satisfied you won’t incur any charges for our work related to the covered portion of your claim unless otherwise disclosed at the time of service. And in cases where we believe coverage may not apply, we give straight answers.

Water damage is surprising enough; you can allow us to start work right away without the fear of another “surprise” later. We help make the claims process as painless as possible for you.